Wednesday, 30 January 2013

And Sew On... Something for me!

One of my new year resolutions was to make more things for myself when my husband pointed out that everything I make it for family and friends.

This Block of the Month project caught my eye. It would involve me learning paper piecing and at the end of 9 months, I'll have a fantastic sewing themed wall hanging to go above my desk. Some of the blocks look rather complicated, so it's going to be a real challenge!

I've now completed the first block and I'm rather pleased with it! It's not perfect, but as it's for me, who cares?!

Some of the other people taking part had fantastic tape measure fabric, but I had to make do with some slightly wonky hand embroidery. I really enjoyed choosing the fabrics, although the raised shiny pattern on the solid red fabric doesn't show up well in the picture.

I can't wait for February's block! I'll be posting a picture when it's finished.

Happy Stitching!

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Nearly forgot to show you!

Ok, so it's January 12th now, but I thought I should finally show you some more of the Christmas presents I made for various people.

Who loves Moomins? Well I do and I found out my friend does as well, so I made her a notebook cover out of denim with a stencilled Moomintroll. He's having a little dance! To inspire her, I wrote a quote on the first page from Snufkin: "Today we must do something very special, for it will be a glorious day"

I made a felt applique house picture for my sister, thanks to this tutorial from sewmamasew. Although I made my house grey instead of pink as I thought her partner might complain about having a pink house on the wall!

I don't seem to have a picture of the finished wall hanging, but I made my brother a small 4 block picture with some crazy applique cats on! I'll get him to take a picture, but here's one of the cats in progress! Thanks to frantastic-stitchwitchery for the inspiration, but of course hers is much better than mine was!

And finally, I made this for my husband, who is always the lucky recipient of something cross stitched every Christmas! The kit was a Heritage Stitchcraft Margaret Sherry kit called 'Roly Purrly'.

I think that's everything for now. I'm currently working on a few things for me and my shop, so I hope to post some more pictures soon.

I hope 2013 is going well for you so far!