Sunday, 7 July 2013

Mace Windu gets the paper piecing treatment!

When Kristy at Quiet Play asked for pattern testers for her new range of Lego Star Wars blocks, I was the first to stick my hand up! Any excuse for some paper piecing fun! She asked me to try out the Mace Windu block and I must admit I had to google the name as although I've seen the films, I don't know all the characters. The most difficult part was finding fabric the right colour for his face, but eventually I think I found the right one.

The block came together very easily, probably getting a bald character helped! I'm pleased with the results, but I haven't decided how to do his face yet. When I googled the lego character, there seemed to be 2 different facial expressions - normal lego features or really angry and a bit wrinkly. I wanted to link up to Kristy's paper piecing party so he'll have to wait a bit for a face!

My nephew has just got into Lego Star Wars, so I think I may be trying out a few more of the blocks, but which one next? Head over to Kristy's Craftsy store to get some of her great patterns for free including C3PO and Princess Leia.

May the crafty force be with you!

Monday, 1 July 2013

And Sew On BOM - A Stitch in Time (or not in time!)

I may be a day late finishing it, but here is the June block from Quiet Plays stitching themed paper pieced block of the month. Luckily it came together quite quickly, although it is a bit wonky! Thats what comes of rushing these things.

I've still got to embroider some thread coming from the needle and I might just write 'tea' on the cup, well I am British! If I were to change anything, I'd probably change the fabric of the saucer as it doesn't stand out enough against the white background. Apart from that I'm happy.

The next block is a rotary cutter and although it looks a bit fiddly, I'm looking forward to doing it. If you want to give it a try, go and get for free during July from Quiet Play.

Before I get started on that one though, I have another job. Kristy at Quiet Play has asked me to try out one of her new fantastic Lego Star Wars patterns. It took a little while for me to find the right fabric, but I think I've got it now! Watch this space...........