Saturday, 23 February 2013

You Little Ripper (and why I shouldn't craft into the small hours)

I finally got around to making my February block for Quiet Plays 'And Sew On' block of the month project!

It was more complicated than the first block, but I really enjoyed it and didn't want to stop last night, although it was after midnight. Finally I finished and went to trim off some extra material, somehow managing to cut into one of the pieces instead. There were some swear words involved! (excuse the blurry photo, I was a bit mad!)

If it was for anyone else, I probably would've unpicked the block to correct the fault. But, since it's just going on my wall, I patched it up at the back with some Bondaweb. When I see the imperfections, it will make me smile and remind me that crafting until the early hours is not a good idea, especially when I'm not getting much sleep anyway thanks to a teething toddler. 

After my accident I decided it might be a good ideas not to square up the edges just yet in case I do anything else to it!

Apart from the cut, and some of the pieces not quite lining up, I'm really pleased with my effort. I can't wait until March!



  1. Oh I've made that mistake before! Love your solution for it!

    Your block looks great - lovely fabric choices.

    If it makes you feel better - I haven't taken the paper off or trimmed up my blocks either - figure I'll do it all at the end so if there's a mistake somewhere I can trim my blocks all to the same size at the end!

    1. Thank you, I'm really enjoying the project so far!