Sunday, 1 September 2013

And Sew On - My August block completed!

I don't know where August went, but luckily I managed to get my block done for the And Sew On BOM over at Quiet Play. Its been a great series so far and there's only 1 left!

This block 'I like big stash' has to be my favourite yet, I really enjoyed picking what my fabric piles should be. I wish my craft cupboard was that neat! It came together quite quickly and I was pleased with the result, until my daughter managed to get her soggy apple fingers on it! It's left a dark stain on the fabric of the door, so I'm not sure what to do about that yet. Apart from that it's great!

I'm a lot more confident with paper piecing now and found myself using pins a lot less to secure fabric. Not always the best thing to do, but it is a bit quicker!

Thanks Kristy for a great series, I hope you're planning the next one!


  1. Cute! I love your red and white polka dots!

  2. Oh it looks great! I hope you manage to get the apple out (not that I can see it in the pic!).

    So glad you've enjoyed the BoM and that you feel your skills have improved! Thinking about another for next year!

  3. Your block looks really great, I´d like to see them all together, because of this lovely red-white backround.

  4. you did a great job! Did you manage to get them all finished?