Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Vintage Pledge 2016 - Number 2

After the success of my first Vintage Pledge, I carried on by making Miss V a bias cut skirt. I chose Simplicity 7504 from 1976.

Pattern description:
Child's Blouse, Bias Skirt and Bag. The blouse softly gathered to yoke has square neckline and set-in sleeves gathered to armholes and with elastic casings, forming self ruffles. Bias skirt has front waistband, back elastic waistband and optional tie ends.

You may remember from my cat appliqué dress that I had some rainbow striped fabric. I wanted to use it for a skirt and was inspired by the striped version (number 3) on the pattern packet. I decided to make the stripes go up rather than down to make it look more like a rainbow.

As the pattern was a size 4, I had to grade it up and ended up adding about 4 inches to the length!

I spent a long time making sure that the stripes would match up, this was the first item I've made where I made an effort to pattern match. I was thankful that it was only a small skirt!

After that difficult part, the skirt came together quite easily, until the time came to add the front waistband. I think my grading hadn't been quite right as it wasn't lining up as the pattern suggested. I had to wing it a bit, but I think it worked out ok!

Miss V liked the colours and it had a nice twirl, but it has a major disadvantage: there are no cats on it!

I may make the top and bag from this pattern in 2017, perhaps for my new Vintage Pledge? I like the idea of adding embroidery, of course it would have to include a cat!

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