Sunday, 11 March 2012

A crafter without the right equipment? Not any more!

This is one of the many birthday presents I've had to work on at the moment!

I go to a craft club with my friend Laura and I found out that she was missing some important equipment. She'd been out to buy a nice big sewing box with lots of bits and bobs to fill it, which is great when you need loads of stuff at the club, but what about when you want to craft on the move?

She needed a small crafting pouch and luckily her birthday was coming up! So I've made her this:

The pouch has a matching needle case and tiny bag for holding small items like buttons. She loves stars so when I found this fabric in a charity shop (an old nightie, I do like to recycle!) I thought it would be perfect.

I hope she likes it and it makes her crafting a bit easier!