Thursday, 1 March 2012

Where has the time gone?!!!!

Is it really March already?

I haven't made much for my business at all!

I've been busy making cards and presents for people. It seems that most of the people I know have birthdays in February or March!

I made these cards for my brother and mother-in-law. My handyman brother loved his card, even though the toolbox had a big bow on it!

My favourte is the rabbit card, especially the bite out of the carrot cake!

I love love LOVE felt! You can make almost anything out of it. I was only introduced to it recently at my craft club, but since then, my felt stash is growing. It's probably a good thing that my local craft shop is a bus ride away or I'd be there every day!

I'm busy making my husbands birthday present at the moment (not out of  felt shock horror!) so I'll post a picture of that when I'm finished.

Happy crafting!

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