Friday, 26 April 2013

Paper piecing addict - My first design!

I'm hurrying to finish my And Sew On April block at the moment, but just wanted to show you a couple of paper pieced blocks I made for the craft club I attend. We're currently making a sensory patchwork blanket for the library where we hold our meetings and it was decided we would do blocks based around the seasons.

This is my winter block, thank you to 3and3quarters for helping me decide to make a paper pieced wonky log cabin block! Don't you just love the little penguin? It took me longer to decide on fabrics than actually sew it together. I enjoy paper piecing, especially when it's all on 1 sheet of paper!

This is my spring block. I decided to make a picture block of a bunny, but had an image in my head and couldn't find a pattern to match it, so I made my own! It took ages to work it out on paper and it's not perfect, but I'm really pleased with the outcome and I think I'll try and design some other blocks in the future. I used a slightly stretchy furry fabric for his tail and stuffed it so it would be nice for the children to feel. I also used a ribbon to create a bow. You can't see very clearly, but he has little stiched whiskers. Now I have the design, I might have to make it again for my daughter, she seemed to quite like stroking his tail!

I got lots of nice comments from the other members, but most didn't seem to understand why I prefer spending time sewing it to the paper than having to cut out exact shapes before sewing. I think I have to work on converting them to paper piecing!

Hopefully I'll post my completed 'Snip it real good' block over the next couple of days.

Happy paper piecing!


  1. I've linked up this post to the Paper Piecing Party run by Kristy on Quiet Play!

  2. What a great idea to have a sensory blanket for the library!

    I adore both your blocks - they are super sweet! Your bunny looks fabulous - well done on your first pattern!