Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Snip it real good - BOM for April

I finished just in time! 

This is my completed square for Quiet Play's 'And Sew On' paper pieced block for April. It doesn't come out well, but the background fabric is green, not grey. 

The block came together well and I'm happy with it, but I was slightly restricted by my scraps. I only had dark grey left for the scissor blades, but I would have liked to make those and lighter grey and then made the handles a darker colour. 

It was a good design and I think adding the loose thread really finishes it off nicely. I might go back and add some loose threads to my March block when I get a chance. 

I can't wait to see what the next design is and luckily I don't have long to wait! 


  1. Just realised I hadn't popped by to comment on your block - sorry! It looks great! I love it in solids!!

    Btw I had trouble replying to one of your comments - you seem to be showing up as a no reply blogger. Not sure if you realised that! :)

  2. Thanks Kristy! I'm glad you pointed out that you couldn't reply, I thought I'd got rid of being a no reply blogger ages ago. Hopefully this time!