Saturday, 22 December 2012

Another tick on the list!

I'm still busily stitching, but I'm pleased to announce that I've finished my daughters presents! As promised I'm posting pictures to show off my successes and failures!

I found these curtains in a charity shop with lots of different animals on which I thought would make a great mini quilted picture. I love recycling!

I found this cross stitch kit in a charity shop about a month ago for £2.99 and wanted to stitch it for her room straight away. I've been stitching into the early hours and was nearly finished when I realised I'd made a mistake and had to unpick some of the backstitch. Unfortunately it was one of those occasions when you can't just leave it and pretend it was supposed to be that way! The kit is 'Doll House Hutch' by Bucilla and I especially liked that it came with the frame.

I started this sock monster ages ago, but its been sitting around without a face poor thing. Now she's a happy sock monster!

And finally my first attempt at making some clothes for her. I made these 2 tops using some of my old clothes and following an online tutorial (can't remember which one now I'm afraid) and I think I went slightly wrong as the necklines are too big. Rather than try and alter them or throw them away, I'll keep them until she's a bit older and has a bigger head!

I love making things for her, even though at 20 months she doesn't care what she gets, it still means a lot to me!

I'll update with more present pictures when I have more to show. How many days left???????

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