Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Vintage style 60's mod toddler dress

I'm rather proud of myself! I've made my first dress for my daughter! Sure I've made T-shirts (neckline way too big) and refashioned a couple of skirts (Bit too short or they fall down easily) but this was my first attempt to make a dress.

I was inspired by this dress from doublestitching. Unfortunately I didn't have any fabric quite as funky as hers, but I remembered I had a rather psychedelic skirt that I bought at a car boot. I mistakenly thought it might look quite good on me. However it might make a great dress for her!

I used the tutorial from doublestitching, but decided not to make a collar as I didn't have enough fabric. I found some buttons the perfect colour and it was finished.

Of course its not perfect, it took much longer than I expected, the stitching isn't great, so don't look too closely and it's rather too large for her, but at least she'll be able to fit into it for a while! Despite these issues, I was really proud when I put it on her, although she didn't pay any attention to the dress and just carried on creating havoc. Never mind!

I 'm going to keep an eye out for some 60's style fabric to make another dress.

Note to self: must remember to take pictures before someone gets their sticky paws on it!

I am linking this up to We did it Wednesday on So Much Ado


  1. I love it! For your first dress, this is pretty awesome!

    1. Thanks Elise! Luckily you can't see too close up!

  2. Wow, This turned out awesome. Love how you set the fabrics at the diagonal. Your busy daughter must look adorable in it!

    1. Thanks Kathy! Can't take the credit for the diagonal stripes though, that's the way the skirt was! Does make my eyes go a bit funny if I look at it for too long.